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Find the most comprehensive coverage plans for all kinds of commercial vehicles, rideshare, VHA, and Taxis.
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Platinum Taxi Ride Share Club:

Enjoy complete peace of mind with the Best Car Insurance Agents in Melbourne

The PTRS Club is one of the most reputed names in the rideshare that was established years ago. Over the years of operation and experience, our key objective is to ensure maximum convenience and address all major concerns of drivers and riders. We are not just a premium rideshare community in Melbourne and a favorite of taxi drivers in Australia, we are also a Melbourne-based top car insurance agency.

We offer the most preferable, profitable, and Melbourne's best car insurance plans. At PTRS Club, we strive to provide each and every member of our community a premium experience and complete peace of mind about every aspect of operating their taxi business. Our club was established with the objective of helping our members smoothly operate their taxi business in Australia, and provide them with all kinds of facilities and benefits that they might need.

Over the years of operation, we have gained in-depth knowledge and experience in the field and understand all kinds of difficulties that are faced by taxi owners in the country. For this reason, we strive to provide the best facilities to our members and assist taxi drivers in Melbourne to get back on the road as quickly as possible. We offer the best Melbourne online car insurance plans that you can get in two minutes.

Our cheapest car insurance Melbourne and handpicked rideshare and taxi insurance plans can help you get the perfect coverage for all kinds of commercial vehicles including VHA, taxis, and other rideshare vehicles.

Melbourne Top Car Insurance Company:

Custom plans, comprehensive coverage only at PTRS Club

Are you looking for Melbourne top cheap car insurance for taxis, rideshare vehicles or VHA, Uber, Ola, Didi, Shebah, GoCatch, and Bolt rides in Australia?

If you own a taxi business in Australia or a rideshare driver looking for some comprehensive vehicle cover plans at affordable prices, along with a good rideshare community, then the PTRS club is your ideal destination.

We are not just one of the top rideshare communities in Melbourne but also one of the best Melbourne car insurance companies. We have been preferred by several taxi business owners and rideshare drivers for the driver-centric services we offer and a huge range of benefits and advantages they receive by joining our community. And not just that, we make sure that as a taxi driver, you are never off the road for too long.

We offer a huge range of ride sharing vehicle cover plans and premiums that can be ideal for your taxi and rideshare business. We have several specialized services and insurance plans for the members of our community and taxi drivers in Australia that makes us one of the leading Melbourne car insurance companies.

We are committed towards providing Melbourne top cheap car insurance that can serve the various needs of taxi and rideshare business owners in Melbourne, and other parts of Australia.

Why Choose Us? :

PTRS Club is one of the most reputed rideshare clubs and one of the best Melbourne car insurance companies.

Here's why we are your best choice.

tickEasy and quick insurance claims

We offer a hassle-free and quick insurance claims facility for your vehicle coverage plans.

tick100% transparency

We work with 100% transparency about every insurance-related subject including quotes and policies to all our customers.

tickFlexible and low-interest payment options

We offer convenient and flexible payment options that can help you manage your finances and enjoy low-interest payments facilities on the cheapest car insurance companies Melbourne.

Our Best Services

We are Providing Best in Class Car Insurance Services

We are the best car insurance company in Melbourne for our specialized and highly driver-centric services and plans. Let us take a look at our specialties that make us one of the best car insurance agents in Melbourne.

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PTRS Club offers hassle free insurance claims in Australia for your Ride Share insurance plans. Our Claim experts understand the urgency for your vehicle to be back on the road as soon as possible. That’s why our Ride Share and Taxi Insurance plans are hit with the Melbourne Ride share community.

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PTRS Club has a proper team of Legal Experts in Melbourne with a background of insurance and Taxi policy claims. With us you can be sure to get the best and expert legal advice for all your Commercial Car insurance problems.

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Accidents are a reality on the busy roads of Australia. Our members at the PTRS Club enjoy full support of our quick response accident investigation team. Which enables us to quickly gather evidence and provide insurance claim for our Ride and Taxi insurance packages in Melbourne

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Disputes and Claims go hand in hand in Melbourne Ride Share Services. Once with PTRS Club you will have a team of experts watching over your back. All dispute resolution services with insurance claims under one roof in Australia.

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Cashless Settlements

Insure with PTRS Club and avail the comprehensive benefits of hassle-free and cashless workshop facility.

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Great discounts on tyres and servicing

PTRS Club member enjoy the unique opportunity when servicing their vehicles. All our members get discounts for tires, service, batteries and tune ups.


1. Do I get discounts on car servicing?

Yes, we offer great discounts on tires and car servicing to all our PTRS club members. We have a team of legal experts for best and expert legal advice on all kinds of insurance and Taxi policy claims.

2. Do you offer cashless benefits for settlements?

Yes, we offer cashless settlements at our workshops that are completely hassle-free, and tailored for your needs.

3. Where do I go for legal advice on insurance claims?

If you are with the PTRS club, you need not go anywhere for legal advice. We have a team of legal experts for best and expert legal advice on all kinds of insurance and Taxi policy claims.