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Platinum Taxi Ride Share Club:

Leading Deliveroo Car cover Agency Melbourne

Welcome to Platinum Taxi Share Club!

PTRS Club is one of the leading taxi rideshare clubs in Melbourne, Australia. We have been operating in the taxi industry for several years and along with being a leading rideshare community preferred by taxi business owners all across the country, we also specialize in commercial car cover for all kinds of taxi businesses.

If you are running a Deliveroo business, you do not need to worry about getting the right cover plans for your cars. At the Platinum Taxi Ride Share Club, you can find the best cover for Deliveroo Cars Melbourne.

We provide fresh car cover plans as well as plans on top of your existing car cover plan that can be perfect for your Deliveroo car. We ensure that you get comprehensive coverage and the maximum security through highly optimized and tailored Deliveroo Car cover Melbourne.

Wework with the leading cover providers all across Australia and help in finding the best cover for Deliveroo Cars Melbourne.

While some courier services may provide you with an cover package within your employment contract, some may not. And in such cases, your existing car or bike coverage policy may also not cover the cars or bikes you are using for Deliveroo. This is where you need a specialized plan for Deliveroo Car cover Melbourne.

From the time you log in, to an hour after you log out, get complete coverage against multiple liabilities with special Deliveroo Car cover Melbourne from the leading Deliveroo Car cover Agency Melbourne. Call us now and get all the details you need!

Features and Specialties

Here are the key features of our Deliveroo Car cover Melbourne:

Third Party and Driver Liability

Get coverage for the Deliveroo car driver when they have exited the vehicle for a delivery. Our plan is designed to cover any cases of accidents and uneventful situations.

Comprehensive and all inclusive coverage

Get complete protection for your Deliveroo car without having to worry what your plan will cover or exclude while you are delivering packages through Deliveroo.

Loss of Income Protection

Get specialised plans that provide protection against loss of income due to any uneventful situation while you are doing a Deliveroo delivery.

Medical Coverage

Our plans will pay for your medical expenses in case of any accidents while you are delivering packages.

Instant Repairs

Get your vehicles repaired instantly and get back on the roads in the shortest time possible.

Accidental coverage with hospital bill payments

Accidental coverage both for your vehicle and the driver including payment of hospital bills with comprehensive Deliveroo Car cover Melbourne.

How we help your taxi business?

At the PTRS Club, your security and protection is of paramount importance to us. Being in the taxi and delivery car industry for several years we understand the needs of the business. That is why we have tailored and comprehensive packages that can cater to all your needs and provide you complete cover.

We have market leading Deliveroo car cover Melbourne that can effectively cater to all your needs and provide you with maximum coverage and protection.

Get the best cover for Deliveroo cars Melbourne with us that provides you complete financial support in case of any uneventful situations and accidents. Our plans are tailored not only for accidental coverage but also helps you recover lost income in case you are unable to work due to any accidents while being online on Deliveroo.

We are a leading Deliveroo car cover agency Melbourne who work with a customer-oriented approach to deliver maximum benefits and the most profitable packages. Be it damages to the vehicles or the hospital bills, our Deliveroo car cover Melbourne plans will cover every single expense.

Ifyou are looking for the most secure, affordable and profitable best cover for Deliveroo cars Melbourne, then we have got the best solutions for all your needs.

Contact us at PTRS Club today!

Why choose PTRS CLUB?


We are a trusted Deliveroo car cover agency Melbourne, who provide profitable and tailored plans for your needs.


We work with 100% transparency to ensure that you know everything about your coverage plan and what you are signing up for.

24x7 support

Contact us anytime you want and we will be happy to help you with all your needs.

Easy claim

We have an easy claim lodgement and approval process so that your claims get easily approved and disbursed.

Guarantee on repairs

Get lifetime and limited guarantee on repairs from our specialised repair shops and get back on the roads in the shortest time possible.


Get the most affordable packages for your Deliveroo car cover Melbourne at the PTRS club.

Choose the PTRS Club!

Frequently Asked Question

Put all your queries to rest once and for all.

Visit our cover portal or contact us and make your claim seamlessly.

Yes, if you are online and delivering a package and exited the vehicle, our third party liability clause will provide you coverage in case of any accidents.

Your normal or existing car cover policy may not cover your Deliveroo business vehicle. A specialized plan is therefore necessary.

As a Deliveroo rider you are covered by our cover whenever and wherever you’re out on the road in Australia.