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Get the perfect cover plans for all kinds of commercial vans, RVs, and UTEs with specialized UTE Insurance Melbourne.

Get flexible payment options and an instant quote for all your needs when it comes to UTE Insurance Melbourne.



Your go-to UTE Insurance Company Melbourne for comprehensive coverage plans

Welcome to PTRS Club!

Platinum Taxi Share Club is one of the most renowned and popular rideshare clubs in Melbourne and all across Australia. We are preferred by taxi business owners in the Melbourne area and all across the country. We are not only a premium rideshare club but also a top and highly trusted UTE Insurance Company Melbourne. We do not only provide premium benefits to each and every member of our rideshare community but also provide a wide range of cover plans for all kinds of commercial vehicles.

We are one of the most preferred insurance agencies in Melbourne who are in the field of insurance for several years delivering a highly profitable, affordable, and versatile range of insurance plans for all kinds of commercial vehicles and vans.

The PTRS Club was established as a rideshare club by a few members of our community several years ago. Over the years of our operation in the field of taxis, we have come to realize the various difficulties faced by taxi and commercial vehicle owners while operating their businesses. This has led us to innovate and improve our services to make sure that the members of our community can continue their business without any disruption. For this, we have devised various plans and offer highly affordable coverage plans and UTE insurance Melbourne to ensure unhindered business.

Whether you have a fleet of cars or just run a single taxi, be it a commercial UTE or an RV for your business, get the most comprehensive, all-inclusive and affordable coverage plans only at the PTRS club. We are a leading UTE Insurance Company Melbourne and strive to provide the most profitable and affordable UTE insurance Melbourne for our customers.

Make sure your UTEs are always on the roads with comprehensive coverage plans from the PTRS Club!

Features and Specialties

Let us take a look at the top features and specialties of our UTE Insurance Melbourne that makes us a favorite in the field.

Monthly Payment

Get flexible and monthly payment methods and options on all our UTE insurance Melbourne. Get affordable plans and flexible payment methods that suit your budget and monthly finance plans.

Comprehensive and versatile coverage

Get the most comprehensive and all-inclusive coverage for all kinds of commercial vans, RVs, and UTEs with the number one UTE insurance company Melbourne. Our plans aredesigned to provide all-inclusive, versatile, and comprehensive coverage for all kinds of needs.

Hassle-free claims

Get easy and quick claim lodgement options on all UTE insurance plans. You can easily make a claim and get the claim approved in a complete hassle free way.

Dedicated team for support

We have a dedicated UTE insurance team who can not only provide you with the best support on your existing insurance plans with the PTRS club but also suggest you the best solutions and recommendations in case you are looking for a new UTE Insurance Melbourne.

Quick Repairs

Get your UTEs and commercial vans quickly repaired at our dedicated repair shops operated by experts in the field. You can get back on the roads in the shortest time possible with our specialized UTE repairs.

Customized plans

Our commercial vehicle insurance plans are specialized for the specific needs of our customers. Our plans for UTE Insurance Melbourne can provide perfect cover for all kinds of commercial vans, UTEs, and RVs. Along with that, you can find customized plans for all your vehicle coverage needs

How we help your taxi business?

At PTRS Club, our key aim is to deliver 100% customer satisfaction and deliver the most profitable, affordable, and need-oriented coverage plans for the needs of our customers. If you have a taxi business, then there are several benefits you can enjoy by being a member of our community. But along with that, our insurance plans are designed to deliver maximum convenience for your needs. Get the best UTE insurance Melbourne for your fleet at The PTRS Club!

Why choose PTRS CLUB?


PTRS Club is one of the most reliable names when it comes to UTE insurance company Melbourne.


We work with a completely transparent approach and make sure that our customers know everything about their coverage plans.


We make sure that you get the best plans for vehicle coverage at the most competitive prices.


From 24x7 support to instant repair, PTRS specializes in providing the best support to customers so that you can always be on the road.


We are always accessible to you whenever you need it. We can provide any and every document for your plans, if and when you need it.

Low-interest payment options

Get extremely low-interest rates on your monthly premiums at the PTRS Club.

Choose the PTRS Club for all-inclusive, comprehensive, and affordable UTE insurance Melbourne!


Here are some answers to the most common questions.

1) Does UTE Insurance cover my RVs?

Yes, if you register it under the plan.

2) Can I choose to include multiple vehicles under one plan?

Absolutely yes! You can choose to include multiple vehicles under one plan. Choose a suitable plan based on your needs.

3) Can a family member enquire or make changes to my UTE insurance policy?

Yes, they can, only if they are listed on the insurance policy. If they're not, we are unable to provide any information nor can they action any requests on your behalf.

4) Do I get a guarantee on repairs done at the PTRS repair centers?

Yes, we offer both limited and lifetime guarantees on different repairs at our repair centers.