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PTRS Club is one of the most reputed and preferred rideshare clubs in Melbourne, Australia. We have been operating in the rideshare industry for several years and are a very popular rideshare community. We specialize in providing highly profitable, affordable and comprehensive commercial vehicle, rideshare and delivery car insurances to our customers. From the best Uber insurance Melbourne to UberEats car insurance Melbourne and cheap Uber insurance Melbourne, we provide comprehensive coverage plans for all kinds of commercial and rideshare car insurance purposes.

At the PTRS Club, you are assured to find what you are looking for. Whether you are operating your car on Uber, or if you are using it to deliver food through the UberEats app, get a wide range of profitable, affordable and tailored coverage plans to suit your unique needs.

When you drive your car for a rideshare like Uber, you will surely want to insure against any accidental or unprecedented situations that might lead to major financial expenses. At the PTRS club, we offer the best Uber insurance Melbourne that can provide you all-inclusive coverage against all kinds of accidental damage. And not just accidental coverage, our plans are also highly affordable and versatile. Get highly profitable and cheap Uber insurance Melbourne thatcan be a perfect solution for your rideshare business.

Not just rideshare, if you are operating a food delivery business or delivering packages through UberEats, you must know that your regular car or bike insurance might not cover the costs of damage or any accidents while you are delivering food or using a ridesharing app. For this the best Uber insurance Melbourne from us can be the ideal solution for you. Select the kind of cover you need and get cheap Uber insurance Melbourne for your business.

Your existing or ordinary car insurance policies typically only cover you for private use. You need to choose a specific rideshare cover that covers you and the passengers while Ubering. PTRS club works with the top insurers in the country to provide the perfect coverage plan for your vehicle.

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Features and Specialties

Takea look at the top features and specialities of our Uber car insurance Melbourne. Along with Uber insurance you will also get UberEats car insurance Melbourne at the PTRS Club

Third Party Liability

Get third party liability cover if you are operating a Uber business. Be it one car or a fleet of cars, get the perfect coverage and third party liability insurance with our plans.

Third party property damage cover

Our plans cover you against any damage caused to third party property like another car or any property which might be resulted due to an accident.

Additional benefits

We offer a huge range of additional benefits along with the regular benefits of our Uber insurance Melbourne. From hire car facilities when your car is at the repair center, to windscreen and glass cover, you can enjoy several additional benefits at reduced prices.

Legal liability insurance

Get legal liability insurance with our Uber car insurance Melbourne and keep your Uber ride completely protected against any and all kinds of legal liabilities.

No cancellation fee

You do not have to pay any cancellation fee if you want to opt out of our coverage plans.

Comprehensive cover

Our plans for Uber car insurance Melbourne are meant for comprehensive coverage for all kinds of rideshare business. Stay worriless about the financial expenses during any accident or getting back on roads, we offer complete and all-inclusive cover to provide maximum benefits at the minimum prices.

How we help your taxi business?

At the PTRS Club, we are dedicated to provide you with maximum benefits at the minimum prices. We offer cheap Uber insurance Melbourne that can perfectly cover your rideshare business. Working in the industry for several years, we understand the needs of every rideshare business and offer the most compatible plans based on your business needs.

Whether you need UberEats Car insurance Melbourne or if you are looking for the best Uber insurance Melbourne, Ordinary car insurance policies typically only cover you for private use, so unless you specifically choose rideshare cover from your provider, you generally won’t be covered while Ubering the right solutions only at the PTRS Club.

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Why choose PTRS CLUB?


Get the most profitable and cheapUber insurance Melbourne. PTRS Club is known for highly affordable insurance plans for Uber businesses.


We work with a 100% transparent process so that you have clear knowledge about every detail of your policy and what you are signing up for.


We are one of the most reliable names when it comes to cheap Uber Insurance Melbourne.

Accessibility and support

We are always available and accessible to you. Get 24x7 support from our support team whenever you need, wherever you need.

Instant repair

We have several repair centres all across the country and you can get to our repair centres for instant and prompt repair services and get back on roads in the shortest time possible.

Easy and hassle free claims

Make easy and hassle free claims online through our insurance portal and get the claims easily lodged and approved.

Choose the PTRS Club for the bestUber insurance Melbourne!


Find answers to some common questions:

1) What is the difference between market value and agreed value?

Market value is the value of your car or what it is worth on the market at the time of sale. Agreed value is the price of your car that's been agreed on by you and your insurance company.

2) Why do I need Uber insurance Melbourne?

Your existing policy or private policy will only cover for private use and not when you use the vehicle for rideshare.

3) How does normal cover and third party cover differ?

Normal cover of policies is to cover damages to your car, but third party cover provides coverage against any damages caused to a third party.

4) Are the passengers covered as well?

Depending on the plan you choose you can also provide coverage for passengers with our Uber car insurance Melbourne.